LED Light Treatment

Great for treating, Wrinkles, Photo aged skin, Stretch Marks, Scars, Acne & Rosacea.

LED light treatment is a painless, even relaxing skin treatment, with minimal risks of sides effects and no downtime.

LED light treatment is a very popular treatment as it is painless, has no downtime and has great results. At Ministry of Skin, we are highly skilled in LED light treatment.


Ministry of Skin is a RACGP accredited clinic.

LED light treatment uses different LED light colours to selectively treat a number of different skin conditions. LED works by sending energy-producing light deep into the skin where it produces specific results dependent on the colour of light used.

It can be used for a number of different skin concerns or in combination with other treatments or surgery. It is often a great treatment to combine with a Medical Peel or Medical facial to intensify their benefits or have after a more invasive treatment such as injectable dermal fillers or a minor procedure to aid treatment. The light can also be used on healing wounds if you have had surgery elsewhere to again aid healing and improve scar formation.

During your initial assessment your clinician will discuss with you your individual skin concerns and tailor a program that you understand and meets your needs.

Examples of conditions treated with LED light include but are not limited to:

LED Light Treatment FAQ

Which LED?

LED light comes in different colours. Each colour is selectively used to treat different skin concerns.

Red light LED:
The Red LED stimulates skin fibroblasts that produce collagen. Collagen is what gives young skin its plump look and improves healing. Increasing collagen production can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damaged skin and stretch marks, and reduce redness or aid healing after more aggressive treatments.

Blue light LED:
The Blue LED is most commonly used to kill the bacteria deep in the skin that is responsible for acne. Research has shown it has good affects at destroying acne-causing bacteria so it is great to include as part of an acne management regime It can also help reduce the peeling or drying affects from other acne creams.

How is a treatment performed?

LED light is a simple, pain free often relaxing treatment. It involves the area of concern being positioned comfortably under the selected LED light for 10-40 minutes. During this time your eyes are protected from the colour and you can lay back and relax and enjoy the quiet time. During the procedure the area may feel warm but there should be no discomfort.

After the treatment the area may feel like it is glowing, but this will ease over a period of 10-30 minutes and leave no trace of the treatment having been undertaken.

How many LED sessions are recommeded and when?

The number of treatments recommended are dependent on the individuals needs, age, skin condition, previous sun exposure, lifestyle and health. Visible changes that occur with LED Light Therapy are cumulative and optimal results come from multiple treatments scheduled in a series.

Treatment for healing or for a wound can start straight after the procedure.

Generally a treatment every 1-2 weeks for a total of 4-10 sessions , followed by a maintenance treatment every month or two is recommended for most conditions.

Each session can vary from 10-30 minutes in length.

The results continue to improve 2-3 months after treatments as collagen takes 60 – 90 days to remodel.

How Safe are these Treatments?

The great thing about LED light treatment is that it is non-invasive, pain-free and is safe for people for all skin types and colours.

Light Therapy is not a laser, therefore there is no risk of burning or scarring of the skin. Even the most sensitive or red skin types can experience the benefits of light therapy.

LED light treatments have many medical benefits including treatment for ageing and damaged skin, speeding up the rate of healing and treatment of mild to moderate acne. In fact, the FDA has approved LED treatment for periorbital (eye area) wrinkles.

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LED Light Treatment

If you have a skin lesion you are concerned about or have a family history of skin cancer please call the clinic on 03 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment. Skin is our Armour. We are always happy to listen and help support your skin concerns.

Book an appointment online or call the clinic on 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment.

Book an appointment online or call the clinic on 5261 6171 to arrange an appointment.


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